Daraz is one of the biggest shopping sites in Bangladesh

Now almost people in Bangladesh are not going out to market and now they are getting the products sitting at home in this Bangladesh.

Many still don’t know what this drawer is. So I am asking them to inform me. Daraz is a popular e-commerce site in Bangladesh. Through this, products can be delivered and products can be bought and sold from any part of Bangladesh. Daraz will provide you with the lowest cost and time maintaining success in delivering your required order to you

Rating : 4.6

Those who know about foodpanda surely want to say something? I am talking about you. I am sharing it with you somewhere. Foodpanda is an e-commerce site that delivers food across the country


Foodpanda has spread widely in Bangladesh. Now everyone can order food of their choice from the comfort of their homes through Foodpanda. For those who are good at various tasks, cooking and eating is a waste of time. So this company was created by poison for them. But now it can be seen that almost 70% of the people of the country are using this foodpanda medium. It delivers highly developed and good quality tasty nutritious food at low cost in very short time

Bangladesh now has no place left where people could not benefit from Foodpanda.

Those who live outside have no one to cook. This foodpanda company was created for those who are students and those who work part time. But now it is seen that almost people of Bangladesh are enjoying the benefits of its use. They are very happy to have such an e-commerce site

Rating : 4.5


Chaldal is a popular market in Bangladesh. Here you can buy all kinds of essential items for your home at home. You don’t have to go to the market or pay any money for it. You buy products online. Chaldal company employees are responsible for delivering your products to your home. After receiving the product, you can negotiate the price. You can use Chaldal from your office or any location. You just need to provide your address and your identity correctly in the Chaldal company to get the details.