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Tunte August 2023 Full Episode Today - তুঁতে আজকের পর্ব

তুঁতে আজকের এপিসোড Star Jalsha History:-

Star Jalsa was officially launched on 8 September 2008 and is the first non-regional, non-Hindi and non-English channel of Star Network. It was Star India's second Bengali language television channel after Star Anand. In 2011, it was launched on the OSN platform in the Middle East. Its original logo style also used the Marathi GEC Star flow. It is from the logo style used by most Star channels in the early 2010s such as Star Plus (until 2010), Star Vijay (until 2017) and Star Jalsa's Bengali sister channel Star Anand (until Star TV sold their news network). was different ABP Group on 1 June 2012 two weeks before the Star Jalsa rebrand).

On 17 June 2012, during a special event Cholo Paltai, it was rebranded with a new diamond star logo and graphics for the first time since launch. On 22 November 2012, the channel launched in the UK.

The channel launched its own high-definition feed with Jalsha Movies HD on 14 April 2016. They were India's first Bengali language HD channel.

In 2018, Sagnik Ghosh became the head of the channel. On 17 February 2019, during a special event called Jalsa Dosha due to Star Jalsha's 10th birthday, the channel rebranded for the second time from a white logo with red accents to a red logo with blue accents. It also introduced new color graphics almost 7 years later, not the red and white in the channel's history, but mainly turquoise blue with hints of gold and yellow. Serials also no longer use their own logos. Instead, they use Kohinoor font for the name of the serial in the cover image of a particular serial. However, in the recent past, reality shows and events have featured their own logo on the channel along with the Star Jalsar Bangla font Kohinoor Bangla.

On 2 October 2021, other foreign television channels, including Star Jalsa, which did not provide clean feeds, were temporarily suspended from broadcasting in Bangladesh. However, on 18 October 2021, Star Jalsa resumed broadcasting in the country with a clean feed.

Episode 36 | Part 1 | #তুঁতে | সোম -রবি 7:00 PM

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অনুরাগেরছোঁয়া Star-জলসা

অনুরাগের ছোঁয়া সকল এপিসোড সবার আগে দেখুন 

Anurager Chhowa 2023 Full Episode Today - অনুরাগের ছোঁয়া আজকের পর্ব

Anurager Chhowa 2023 Today Episode | অনুরাগের ছোঁয়া আজকের পর্ব


Divya Jyoti Dutta as Dr. Surya Sengupta – a cardiologist; Eldest son of Praveer and Lavanya; Brother of Palak and Joy; Teesta's cousin; Deepa's husband; Urmi's former love interest turned brother; Mishka's love interest and ex-fiancé Hiya's ex-boyfriend.,[5][6] Shona and Rupa's father.
Swastika Ghosh as Deepanvita "Deepa" Majumdar Sengupta – Ajay's daughter; Ratna's step-daughter; Step-granddaughter of Nistarini Devi; Urmi's half-sister became sister-in-law; Wife of Sun., [5] Mother of gold and silver.
Ahana Dutt as Dr. Mishka Sen - a surgeon, Papai's adopted daughter, Surya's obsessive lover an ex-fiancé, Hiya's best friend Khuni, Deepa's rival.
Shrishti Majumdar as Rupa Sengupta - Surya and Deepa's first daughter, Sona's twin elder sister.
Mishita Roy Chowdhury as Sona Sengupta - Surya and Deepa's second daughter, Rupa's twin younger sister.


Joy Sengupta - Prabdhi Singh as Praveer and Lavanya's younger son; Palak and Surya are brothers; Teesta's cousin; Urmi's husband.[3]
Soumili Chakraborty as Urmi Majumdar Sengupta – Ajay and Ratna's daughter; Nistarini is the granddaughter of Devi; Deepa's step sister became a mother-in-law; Joy's wife
Rupanjana Mitra as Lavanya Sengupta – a businessman; Prabir's wife; Palak, mother of Surya and Joy; Pratik's sister-in-law; Anuja's great uncle; Megha, grandmother of gold and silver.[6][7]
Angel Ghosh as Praveer Sengupta – Lavanya's husband; Palak, Surya and Joy's father; Pratik's elder brother; brother-in-law of Anuja; Megha, grandfather of gold and silver.
Prapti Chatterjee as Palak Sengupta – Praveer and Lavanya's daughter; Surya and Joy's sister; Teesta's cousin; Megha's mother; Gold and silver cousin.
Shersha Banerjee / Sneha Dev as Teesta Sengupta – Prateek and Anuja's daughter; Palak, cousin of Surya and Joy.
Anuja Sengupta - Sayantani Sengupta Mallick as Pratik's wife; Teesta's mother; Prabir's sister-in-law; sister-in-law of Lavanya; Palak, Surya, Joy's cousin; Megha, gold, silver grandmother.
Abhrajit Chakraborty as Pratik Sengupta – Anuja's husband; Prabir's younger brother; son-in-law Lavanya; Teesta's father; Palak, Surya, Joy's uncle; Great uncle of Megha, Gold, Silver.
Mallika Majumdar as Ratna Majumdar – Ajay's wife; Urmi's mother; Deepa's step-mother; Gold and Silver's step-grandmother.
Bimal Chakraborty as Ajay Majumdar – Ratna's husband; Deepa and Urmi's father; The grandfather of gold and silver; Son-in-law of Nistarini Devi.
Tanima Sen as Nistarini Devi – Ratna's mother; Deepa's step-grandmother and Urmi's grandmother; Mother-in-law of Ajay; Great grandmother of gold and silver.
Suman Banerjee as Papai – Mishka's adopted father.
Madhupriya Chowdhury as Hiya – Surjyo's college girlfriend, ex-girlfriend (deceased).
Shoumo Banerjee as Kabir Rizvi – a writer; Deepa's name is Bhai.
Anindya Banerjee as Tabla – a contract killer who is hired by Mishka to kill Deepa but becomes her titular brother after seeing Deepa's innocence.
Shaktipada De-Deepa and Lavanya's rival as Kumar.

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