FIFA WORLD CUP 2022 Argentina VS France

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™


MD Arafat  Ali

The righteous never return empty-handed.

Although he got success for the club with his hands full, success for the country did not come and go. But he never gave up, every time he saw a new dream and tried his best.

If you look at the list of the highest goal scorers in the history of football, you will find Messi at the top with Cristiano, Pele, Romario. If you look at the list of the highest goal assisters, you will find him at the top above Ozil, Muller, Suarez.

If you look at the list of the best playmakers, you will see him above Xavi, Iniesta, Zidane.

If you look at who has done the best dribbling, you will be forced to put his name with Maradona, Ronaldinho.

If you look at the list of best free kick goal scorers, you will see him next to Juninho, Beckham, Zico. If you look for the highest goal scorer in FIFA World Cup history, you will find Messi after Klose, Ronaldo and Muller.

If you look for the highest assists in the World Cup, you will see Messi at the top with Maradona. And if you find the contribution to the highest goals (goal + assist) in the World Cup together, then you will see the star named Messi shining above all, surpassing Klose and Ronaldo.

Only one player in history has been the best player in 2 World Cups, and only one has been the man of the match in all the matches from knock out to the final, he is none other than one & only #Leo_Messi. 4th and 1st respectively in goal assists in Copa America history.

The name of the player who has been selected as the best player in the cup 3 times is Messi. Talking about Ballon Dior, Golden Boot, there is no one around him. Now think about where he is actually not??

He is a player you will find anywhere, the most complete footballer ever. With all due respect to all football legends, this man has surpassed them all in the past 20 years. It has given birth to incredible moments that seem impossible to humans. So hundreds of football legends have been forced to accept him as the best or one of the best in history even before he won the World Cup.

It is not that he has become the best in winning the World Cup, because so far almost 500 footballers have won the World Cup. But not everyone is called the greatest.  A 7-match World Cup is not the only yardstick to measure anyone, but it does serve as a major yardstick. Rather, the best is selected by looking at the entire career.

After 30 years where most players develop fitness problems and retire, this man is still playing at the top level at 35. It is really difficult to describe him.

FIFA has already declared him the Greatest Of All Time. His only shortcoming was not winning the World Cup and that has now been fulfilled. There was nothing left in football that he could not achieve.

So if you are a football lover, you have no choice but to accept him as the best, whichever team you are a supporter of. So don’t hate him and enjoy him, nothing will come of him hating you but you will burn with the fire of jealousy. You can never love football without hating someone like that.

A boy whose survival was uncertain due to hormonal problems, the little boy went on to make history. Greatest Of All Time {G.O.A.T} The point of learning from here is that if we never give up, keep trying sincerely, we will definitely succeed in any field, Inshallah.

Today or tomorrow or after some days our dreams will come true. Maybe it seems that the dreams will not be fulfilled, maybe it seems that success has come so late, but actually the truth is that success comes at the right time.

Lionel Messi and Argentina have been predicted as the winners of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

Argentina are red hot 2/11 favorites with Betfred for their 2022 World Cup flyer against Saudi Arabia on Tuesday – indeed Lionel MESSI and co can produce big scores against a Saudi side who have not been knocked out of the group stage in any of the last five World Cup tournaments.

Only Brazil are shorter than Argentina in the direct World Cup betting list and Lionel Scaloni’s side, who are on a 35-game unbeaten run, look well-equipped to go deep in Qatar. They will certainly be hoping to win Group C and bookmakers Betfred, who have made them 2/5 favorites to top the division ahead of 9/2 odds for Mexico and Poland. Saudi Arabia are 25/1 to win Group C.

Argentina cruised through qualification, winning 11 and drawing 6 of their 17 matches and conceding just eight goals along the way – an impressive set of results meant they had an 11-point cushion over third-placed Uruguay. They ended a 26-year drought by winning the 2021 Copa America, where they beat Brazil in an impressive Maracana final.

Who will win the FIFA World Cup 2022

My heart is saying Argentina – after the less-likely England, of course – so that Lionel Messi gets the World Cup farewell he deserves on his last dance on this stage, which in turn would probably cement his status as the greatest of all time.

However, it is difficult to look too far past Brazil given the strength in depth they have throughout their squad, in virtually every position. Even the great Brazilian teams of the past have had an area or two where they are perhaps a little weaker, but this time around their defensive unit is almost as impressive as their attacking one.

What Messi said about the final match of the FIFA World Cup

What Messi said about the final match of the FIFA World Cup :--

Now if France comes to the final or Morocco comes, we are still ready to face them. I think we will take the World Cup this time. Since this is my last World Cup, I and my team will try our best.

 We are ready for the 18th game.

Now I am not thinking about who will come to play or play with us in FINA. I just think that whoever the opponent is, we are ready to face them. And this time we will take the World Cup.

FIFA WORLD CUP 2022  final match is  18-12-2022

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